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Goa's land grab: Who's benefitting?

Goa, known for its beautiful landscapes, is facing a challenges to its green areas due to a recent amendment to its land laws.

The TCP Ministry amended a land law in March, putting six crore square meters of no-development land on blocks, including Eco-Sensitive Zones. The Ministry added Section 17(2) to the Goa Town and Country Planning Act, 1974, allowing landowners to correct errors in labeling land zones.

Within four months of the March notification, 1.82 lakh square meters of Goa's natural cover was converted into settlement land.

Rapid infrastructure development has attracted a massive influx of people seeking tranquility and quality of life, leading to a surge in real estate demand.

Environmentalists and urban planners warn that this may lead to the end of Goa unless it is handled responsibly and with foresight. The amendment allows builders and settlers from other parts of India to build at will, creating pressure on infrastructure and causing traffic jams.

A movement against the amendment is gaining momentum, with environmentalists, architects, urban planners, and 26 NGOs forming a coalition to challenge the State government.

Via: The Hindu Frontline 

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