No matters what "luxury" means to you, we will help you find it.

Living Luxury is an online lifestyle magazine and luxury real estate consultancy for discerning, globally-minded Indian clients. We tell stories about the people, places, and experiences that create moments of luxury in modern life. We also help our consulting clients discover, analyse, and purchase luxury real estate through our proprietary, technology-driven approach. Our MahaRERA number is: A5210002943
We believe:
that every single person, and every single family deserves to find moments of “luxury” in their lives.
We understand that “luxury” means something uniquely different to each human being – from enriching experiences, to financial growth – but that the ultimate luxury is time. Time spent with your loved ones. Time spent alone. Time engaged in the pursuits that make life worthwhile, doing the things you want to do, and not the things you have to. Our online magazine seeks to document the stories of the people, places, and experiences that add moments of genuine luxury to life. Our real estate consulting division seeks to modernise the process of discovering, analyzing, and purchasing a luxury home. We always seek to understand our clients: on a personal, intellectual, financial, and emotional level, and to save them time: through our unique, modern approach to real estate consulting – which brings together our proprietary technology, detailed data gathering process, rich content creation, and rigorous due diligence.
Living Luxury
Real Estate Consulting
It's 2024. We believe modern Indian clients deserve a modern real estate consultancy. That means: no wild goose chases, no unverified properties, and no pointless meetings. We match unique people to unique properties through our, proprietary, data-driven approach to real estate discovery. Our clients are discerning property seekers who want to browse before they buy. How do we do this?
Our Process:
Discover, Document, Analyze
We are building the largest database of verified properties in Goa – a central, consolidated source of truth about all the available properties, from land, to villas, townhouses and premium apartments... It is our endeavor to show our clients every property on the market, through our proprietary software experience. Our clients can shortlist properties online, after which we schedule offline site visits, to help them touch and feel their future home (or investment). We follow a three-step process, transforming real estate inventory gathering from an art into a science. 1) Discover
Our team is constantly discovering new properties to add to our database, conducting rigorous market research through a variety of online and offline sources.
2) Document
We document every property in painstaking detail, creating a listing record that combines visual, financial, legal, architectural, and financial information across hundreds of data fields.
We always save our clients’ time by doing our homework, prior to presenting any property. We make all of our property research available to our buyer and investor clients.
3) Analyze
Our proprietary software allows us to compare properties, across quantitative and qualitative metrics – so that we can help you definitively answer the question: which is the best property for my unique needs?
Why Choose Us?
You want to feel secure knowing that you are aware of every property on the marke – but that you only have to visit the properties that have passed our strict due diligence tests. You need a modern real estate consulting firm – more organised, and more efficient, than any other, with a team that presents information in a simple, understandable way, on the devices you use. You value your time and want to work with an agency that respects your time as much as you do.
Our Business Model:
Incentives matter.
Agents are incentivised to promote properties for which they will receive the highest possible commission. Different agents offer different inventory. The result is a mix of property investment options that can be confusing, or even overwhelming. We are here to help you cut through the information overload. Transparent incentives lead to transparent service. That’s why we invoice our buyer and investor clients for a 2% success fee for transactions that we help them execute. In doing so, we align our incentives with those of our buyers. This in turn allows us to collaborate with many other trusted agents, expanding our inventory so that we can offer our clients all the properties on the market.
We protect our clients by harnessing:

We collect data related to specific properties and focus localities, allowing us to quantify the present and future market value of a real estate asset.

Digital Content

Photos, Videos, and Digital Marketing Materials that accurately communicate the current condition of our clients’ properties.

Due Diligence

We create a holistic legal, financial, and operational analysis of any real estate asset. We protect our clients by verifying every official record related to their property purchases.


We understand the story of each family and every property, weaving a narrative that enhances the emotional value of a property, helping it find its next stewards.

Client Testimonials
Sudipto Samanta

Independent Villa in North Goa

Pictured: Architectural Render

“We spent much of the last two years interacting with over 15 brokers and agents in North Goa.
After spending about three months conducting due diligence on a land parcel we were considering, we realised that our requirement would be better fulfilled if we purchased a villa from a reputed developer.
Kunal and Vikram were able to help us sift through the noise and reassure us that we had made the right choice for our family given my requirements and budget.
We eventually decided to invest in a corner villa in a gated community with a beautiful field view.
Kunal helped us work through the cost sheet proposed by the developer, and, since construction began, has been in constant touch with the developer’s sales team to ensure that our proposed amendments to the original proposed design are being adhered to.”

– Anu & Kasper Tideman, Pune

Settlement Land in North Goa

Pictured: Actual Site Photo

“Since the post-pandemic property boom, I have been seeking to acquire a piece of land that matches my requirements.
As an investor, I share the same long-term view on North Goa as Vikram. While I continued to run my business in Pune, Kunal and Savio were in constant touch with me to evaluate new investment opportunities.
Shivam conducted regular site visits, and shared high-quality drone video and photo content that helped me understand which properties were worth my time to consider. I then visited Goa for important site visits and owner meetings.
Their communication ensured that I was always kept informed whenever any risks occurred, and their network of local surveyors, lawyers, and liaisoning consultants meant that I trusted them to protect me when acquiring a beautiful piece of land with a field view.”

– Akshay Kohli, Pune

Ultra Luxury Villa in North Goa

Pictured: Actual Site Photo

“After understanding my requirements and previous frustration over the phone, I met Kunal at Gunpowder in Assagao while on vacation in Goa from Delhi.
His close relationships with architects and boutique developers in Goa meant that the very first property he showed me was the one I chose to purchase (and by far the most desirable opportunity I’d seen in 7 months of ‘property shopping’ in North Goa).
His people management skills helped me negotiate tactfully with the developer as I sought to purchase my dream property and solve a capital gains issue. Construction began in March 2022 and I am expecting to move in by January 2024”

– Client Chose to Remain Anonymous, New Delhi
Our Services

Property Search, Analysis & Consulting Services

Investor Strategic Analysis & Cashflow Projection Services

Project and Construction Management Services

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Services

Meet the Team
Kunal Bambawale

Kunal Bambawale

Head of Product & Marketing, Goa
Kunal leads the marketing and ‘prop-tech’ product development strategies at LLRE.

He was born in Pune and currently lives in Siolim, after stints in Dubai, Bangkok, LA, and Mumbai.
He graduated with a degree in Political Science and Broadcast Journalism from the University of Southern California.
His favourite properties are modern, minimal homes that work in harmony with nature. He is passionate about holistic well-being.

Savio D'Souza

Savio D'Souza

Head of Sales, Goa
Savio is the primary point of contact for LLRE’s property buyer, seller, and investor clientele.

Savio is from Guirim. Though he trained as a chef, his career has spanned luxury hospitality and real estate. He was formerly a Director at Coco Shambhala Villas, and later an Assistant Vice President – Sales at Vianaar Homes.
His favourite properties are modest, tropical homes featuring natural ventilation and local materials. He is passionate about cooking and off-roading.

Vikram Malaney

Vikram Malaney

Founder & CEO, Goa
Vikram created LLRE as a solution to pain points he experienced as a real estate buyer, investor, and seller.

He spent several years working with software startup in Silicon Valley before returning to India to manage Vulcan Engineers. Later, he co-founded Capsilon Technologies and supervised its operations in India until it was sold to ICE Mortage Technology in 2019.
His favourite properties are ‘eco-luxury’ homes with access to natural water bodies. He is passionate about marine biology.

Davies Thalakottur

Davies Thalakottur

Head of Engineering, Pune
Davies leads the development of LLRE’s proprietary software from our Pune office.

He is an entrepreneur, engineering manager and technologist with 30+ year’s experience in leading software development organisations.
He has delivered enterprise-class class products across Security, Networking, Storage and Web Technologies, has built small and medium sized software teams, and executed multiple organisational transformations to Agile practices.

Dr. Bithika Samanta

Dr. Bithika Samanta

Chief Scientist, Pune
Bithika and Sudipta are developing proprietary algorithms that power LLRE’s property valuation and recommendation engines.

Bithika has over 25 years of experience in leading AI/ ML R&D teams and designing solutions to automate complex business processes across various verticals. She is passionate about driving digital innovation to meet business goals by adopting appropriate technologies and strategies especially in the field of Computer Vision and related technologies.

Sudipto Samanta

Sudipto Samanta

AI/ML Engineering, Pune
Bithika and Sudipta are developing proprietary algorithms that power LLRE’s property valuation and recommendation engines.

Sudipta has more than 30 years of experience in managing engineering services for global projects. True believer of expanding technology prowess across all strata of society

Shivam Panjikar

Shivam Panjikar

Market Research Executive, Goa
Shivam conducts online and offline property research at LLRE, and is our drone pilot and videographer.

Born and raised in Corjuem, Aldona, Shivam graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Engineering from Goa University.
He has worked as a digital marketing executive and video editor at a digital marketing agency in North Goa and as a process associate for Amazon. His favourite properties feature ocean views.